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Helping with Plants

PLance has many years of experience in the commercial nursery, agriculture, and landscape industry. Founded by Lance Roberson, our mission is to enrich lives through a deeper understanding of plants. We offer tailored support whether you're just starting out in gardening or are a seasoned commercial landscaper. At PLance, Lance Roberson's leadership and expertise drive our commitment to quality and innovation in every project.

What We Do

Our services

PLance provides a wide array of gardening and landscaping services, including educational workshops, community garden initiatives, and commercial landscape management. We also offer expert consultations on plant identification, pest management, and eco-friendly practices.

Retail Plant Sales

Wide selection of plants sold directly to consumers for home and garden use.

Residential landscaping

Custom landscape design and maintenance services to enhance the beauty of home gardens.

Plant Consultations

Expert advice on plant selection, care, and troubleshooting to optimize garden health.

Workshops and classes

Educational sessions teaching gardening skills and plant care to enthusiasts of all levels.

Commercial landscaping

Professional landscaping solutions for businesses, enhancing aesthetic and functional value.

Pest management

Integrated strategies to control and prevent pests, ensuring healthy and thriving plant environments.

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PLance on video

Lance Roberson does a weekly segment with Do512 covering plant and gardening basics. Check out the entire series on YouTube and TikTok.

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Reach out to PLance today and discover how our services can transform your gardening and landscaping projects. Whether you're looking for the perfect plants, need expert guidance on managing your green space, or want to enhance your knowledge through our workshops, we're here to help.

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